Eagle Art

Back to Analog

Mel Hughes
A Retrospective Art Exhibition
McKay Art Centre, 197 Main St., Unionville
November 6th to 10th, 2019
11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Exhibition Description

A retrospective exhibition featuring ink drawings, oil paintings, fused glass constructions and mixed media outlining the artist’s vision to articulate our increasingly virtual environment.

In an artistic practice which began before the invention of the personal computer, the artist explores the exponential growth and adoption of technology, it’s addictive properties and the manipulation of human thought through machine learning algorithms and massive data mining.

Other themes which are explored include climate change and political commentary.

The use of fused glass is a metaphor for the simultaneous conditions of extreme fragility and extreme permanence. The glass artwork will exist for centuries if properly stored, however it could also be easily destroyed in an instant. Glass also presents a uniquely refractive quality as it reflects the ambient light.

A series of lyrical and colourful interpretations of the landscape lighten the mood as you progress through the exhibition.

© 2020 Back to Analog, Mel Hughes